Ethics, Scruples and Care and Compassion

handcuffsWhen taking care of our HIV patients Care and compassion are essential for success. Not only your success but also success for HIV patients in their outcomes and experience with the pharmacy.

None of this matters when the motivation of the pharmacist is greed, unethical behavior and criminal activity. Nothing is more irksome and unacceptable than pharmacists preying on chronically ill patients and manipulating drug therapies and engaging in fraudulent behavior in an effort to make more money!
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World AIDS Day 2013- Remembrance & Celebration

Today is World AIDS Day, the day we celebrate the lives of all those worldwide living with HIV, fighting the fight each day.

As we stand alongside those Living with HIV, we remember all those who fought the brave fight but lost the battle. It is your memories that spur us on each day helping those living with HIV.

We REMEMBER ALL OF YOU! This video is for you!- PEACE

Using Technology to Crush Mandatory Mail Order Mandates

A+man+consulting+his+pharmacistAs an Independent community pharmacist you are well aware of the feeling that you are continuously trying to stave off the Tsunami that keeps pounding on your door….the insurance companies and their continual barrage to deceive their members and you, in their attempts to increase their already inflated profits and line the pockets of their CEO’s, shareholders and politician puppets.

This reality may seem harsh and pessimistic BUT there’s hope and evidence that these insurance company behemoths can be called to task and be made to STOP their greed and predatory practices. Grassroots campaigns and the use of technology can force the insurance companies to back down and stop forcing mandatory mail order on their members.

In November 2012 Anthem Blue Cross of California mailed letters to HIV infected members stating that as of March 1st 2013 using a retail pharmacy would be considered “going out of network” for antiretroviral medications. Patients must use Curascript, for mail order or pay the full price of the drug if they use their local retail pharmacy. This mandatory mail order mandate by Anthem Blue Cross ignited a firestorm.
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The Pharmacist Will See You Now- The Pharmacist As Healthcare Provider

ProviderStatusHeroTwo Days ago SB 493 the Pharmacist Provider Status Bill passed the California Assembly Health  Committee unanimously! This was another major step forward in the passage of the bill that will designate Healthcare Provider Status to Pharmacists in California. The bill now moves to the Assembly Appropriations Committee in the next two weeks and is one step closer to becoming law. After the Appropriations Committee the bill will head to the Assembly floor for a full vote and then hopefully to Governor Brown’s desk.
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United Healthcare Sued Over Mandatory Mail Order Policy And Discriminating Against HIV/AIDS Patients

UnitedHCUnited Healthcare began sending letters to HIV infected members in February that they had to get their HIV medications from United Healthcare’s mail order pharmacy OptumRx. This is like dejavue, the Anthem Blue Cross story all over again……same story different gouging insurance company.

The role of the pharmacist in treating HIV patients is absolutely critical. For United Healthcare to mandate the mail order policy and FORCE members to forgo their relationships with their community HIV Specialist pharmacists who have been caring for them for many years and making sure they stay on track and are adherent with their medications, manage potentially fatal drug-drug interactions and provide exceptional care, is unconscionable.
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Anthem Blue Cross Settles Mandatory Mail Order Lawsuit on HIV Medications

AnthemSettlementOn May 23rd a settlement was reached in San Diego Superior Court in the lawsuit brought against Anthem Blue Cross when Anthem instituted mandatory mail order on HIV specialty drugs.

Download the Settlement Here

The mandatory mail order would have serious risks to HIV patient health and safety as well as threats to their privacy. Community HIV Pharmacies that have HIV credentialed HIV pharmacists and sensitive caring staff can continue to provide exceptional care to their HIV patients, who they have built strong relationships, built on care and trust for many years.

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Have You and Your Pharmacy Been Left Stranded?

You Just Threw Your Pharmacy Business A Life BoatAre you on Twitter? Are you on Facebook? Do you even have a website? If I looked online to try find pharmacy services in your local area would I find your pharmacy everywhere? If you answered NO to just one of these basic questions, you and your pharmacy are in the dark ages, you have been left stranded.
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The Pharmacist As Healthcare Provider

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

- Winston Churchill

This blog post is an excerpt form my book “Saving Lives: The Role of The Pharmacist in HIV” on Amazon Kindle

The pharmacist is a healthcare provider. Back in the old days, we had the apothecary—the little old guy standing at the back mixing all his chemicals, potions, tablets and pessaries—or the “druggist” who had the soda fountain in the front end of his store, and he stayed at the back filling the orders from the prescriptions that the physician had written.

We’ve evolved to the pharmacist of today, who is actually an expert and a specialist in drug utilization and has a vast knowledge about medications, pharmacology and how the medications work. The pharmacist has become the “go to” team member for drug therapy solutions in many settings, and your pharmacy should be NO exception.
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Lessons From NECC- First Do No Harm

HippocraticOathThe fungal meningitis outbreak that occurred at New England Compounding Center (NECC) that has sickened 720 people in 20 states and led to 48 deaths is a tragedy for all the patients and families involved, whose lives will NEVER be the same again. Patients are still sick and still dying.

The first lesson to be learned from this tragedy is that as pharmacists and healthcare providers it is our absolute responsibility to care for our patients and abide by the Hippocratic Oath we all took and first and foremost “Do No Harm” by providing our patients with SAFE and effective medications, whether the medications are ordered from a reputable wholesaler or they have been compounded by compounding specialist pharmacists.

Blatantly ignoring pharmacy laws and standards or ordering medications from shady wholesalers with the potential of purchasing adulterated counterfeit medications puts patients lives at risk and results in tragedies like NECC
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5 Steps to Creating Your Specialty Pharmacy

Goal2Creating a Specialty niche in your pharmacy does not happen overnight, it takes careful thought, consideration and effort. If you are ready to make changes in your pharmacy business and introduce a specialty niche that you Care about, then a great book to download from Amazon, a step by step guide walking you through the process which will put you on the fastrak to implementation of your specialty niche is “ Care Your Way to Insane Profits and Beat The Margin Game” by Mitzie Sundberg,MBA

The following 5 steps are your road map for charting your course for your specialty pharmacy success.
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