I called this week’s episode, we look back on 2019 and what’s to come for 2020.






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  • 2019 What A Year
  • Getting Clarity
  • Seeing Clearly
  • Vision for 2020

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You’re listening to the pharmacy podcast network. This is Michelle Sherman, president of Michelle [inaudible], pharmacist consulting services, and your host for the conscious pharmacist podcast. Welcome to our 30th episode right smack, bang, the beginning of the new year. Happy new year to everybody. I hope you had a fantastic holiday season celebrating whatever holiday you celebrate and it just enjoying time with your friends and family and hopefully, as we always talk about being conscious while you were enjoying your time, enjoying your holidays, hopefully taking care of yourselves.

Our episode this week to kick off the new year is I can see clearly now the vision for 2020 I finally feel that I can see clearly now and have 2020 vision of the path where I am going, Michelle rakes is going and the direction we have for our patients. Our vision is clear, but before we talk about a clear vision for 2020 and where we are going, we’ve got to just look back to 2019.

And Michelle RX had an extraordinary year in 2019. The year kicked off in February with being granted my advanced practice pharmacy license from the California state board of pharmacy. And that for me was a turning point that changed everything. That set our level of care, our level of advancement and the trajectory into our vision for 2020 right on the right foot in the right direction.

It was extraordinary and very pleasing and proud to have my advanced practice license where we have already started going in now for 2020 kicking off our vision to provide extraordinary patient care. I did over 41 speaking engagements in 2019. I’m also speaking at the Western pharmacy exchange for CPH in 2019 and present the conference was in the last year and was also fortunate enough to present my poster, which was a model for pharmacists implemented medication adherence improvement in an outpatient population diagnosed with HIV.

This was a very important poster presented elucidating the great impact that pharmacists advanced pharmacist practice can have on patient outcomes, especially this was focused on a Medicaid population, specifically Cal Optima, which is the managed Medicaid population here in Orange County, California. So I was very happy to be able to present that information on the poster.

I did three webinars for the American College of apothecaries research and education foundation through their PP, ESI organization, which is an organization supporting pharmacists in providing services designed to improve public health. So those three webinars are available in the resources of this. The show today they’re links to a poster is linked to the webinars on the American college of apothecaries website as well for you to put into your repertoire. Do those webinars. If you so choose. I probably leveled, that was the kickoff.

That was a great day. I have thought of doing a podcast for four years. My friend Todd URI, of course, the Todd cook Kester who’s the owner of the pharmacy podcast. I had been doing podcasts on his show for many years with him and finally put my podcast, the conscious pharmacist podcast together came to fruition on April 11th. Right. Really, the kickoff was at Western pharmacy exchange in LA this year.

So we’ve hit him. This, this episode that we’re on today is episode 30. So we’ve had 30 episodes. Many of them are short and sweet. Just me speaking and giving my 2 cents worth on issues affecting pharmacy and, and the like. And then I’ve hit some extraordinary guests. We had dr Sally Raffi, the birth control pharmacist. We had Phillip Yeager who’s the CEO and executive director of radiant health centers in Irvine, California.

Talking about ending the epidemics, both, you know, HIV and hepatitis C epidemics, not only in Orange County, California but in California as a whole. And we hit to a two-part episode with dr Christina Madison, the public health pharmacist. We’re looking at having more guests on in 2020 and I can’t wait to present these episodes to all of you. Remember the conscious pharmacist pop podcast is just that I want people to be mindful, to be conscious of what we do every day, how we conduct ourselves, how we conduct ourselves with our families, with our employees, with our team members and very specifically with our patients so we can provide effective healthcare and be the change for not only as cells, it our businesses and our patients, but also for healthcare and pharmacy as a whole. Another great turning point this year was finally getting nonprofit status for the center for advanced pharmacist care, a nonprofit organization that is there to provide advanced pharmacist practice services and really kick in to provide great resources and great abilities for pharmacists to provide advanced practice services.

Not only in California but around the world. And we, we have an organization [inaudible] in Orlando suedo that we will be supporting once we start getting our ground funding and things like that in that provides extraordinary work for children, women and families infected with HIV Insa weirdo. So they have access to resources such as food education, clothing so that they’re able to take the HIV meds and live as healthy a life as possible.

One of the greatest things like also in 2019 was the coming to final fruition of the Ubuntu Pharmacist Care Program that is now up and running is now a telehealth program providing extraordinary services to people living with HIV and other, you know, chronic illnesses. It has come to fruition and our goal for 2020 is to grow there, have to pharmacist care program to provide services to those in need not only throughout California bed across the country.

So the other thing is through our advantage practice pharmacist license, we are part of the OSI teller art program, which is a program funded through the California state Office of AIDS to implement a rapid start HIV program. In Orange County, California through radiant health centers. And I am very proud to be part of their program, providing telehealth services to people to get them on rapid start and to decrease the burden of HIV in Orange County, which has been designated one of the 48 hotspot counties and eradicate hopefully in the epidemics in, in orange County and in California as a whole.

So I’m very proud to be a part of radiant health centers, OSI tele OD program and also to provide prep services through my advanced practice license at radiant health centers. So that’s the recap for 2019 great foundation, great pieces in place to finally see my clear vision for 2020.

My vision is 2020. I feel like I am embarking in the roaring twenties 2.0 so how do we go what, what are, what are the things that I see is how do we, how do we situate ourselves as business owners, care providers to be able to go forward? And one of, one of the rituals that I do every single Sunday morning, the first thing I do is I subscribed to Chris Brogan’s newsletter, which comes every Sunday. And Chris has helped so many small business owners over the years, like grow and grow their businesses that outweighs, find extraordinary tidbits.

And one of the things that Chris hears his daddy, he started many years ago is three words for the year. He picks three words for you that formula act is his GPS and his guidance for that year in his business, in his life and how he goes forward.

And I adopted that last year and I had three words ahead. I’m fearless action and bold and those three words with a guiding light, the GPS, the Google maps, if you will, for the way I move through my business. So I have chosen three words for 2020. They are vision, execution, and conversion. That’s where we going with Michelle RX and our programs for 20, 20 at three words, our GPS, our guiding light out, Google maps our ways.

And I met for 2020 his vision, finally clear with our vision for 2020. I can see clearly now executing, you know, we all get, Oh, we’ll do that, we’ll get to that, we’ll get to that. But you’ve got to remove all their clutter from your head and execute and then convert all our programs for 2020 in the resources. I’ve put a link to Chris’s webinar on choosing your three, your three words for the year.

So if you’re interested, it’s 20 bucks. You can watch the webinar and pick what are your three words? One of the great things in his lit, in his last newsletter for 2019 or is, you know how we make these do lists and we get all this clutter in our head. We’ve got to focus. So being focused is really important. We can’t get these things done and see our vision with the 2020 view. If we’re not focused.

So one of the things he had in his newsletter, there’s this last newsletter of 2019 was your day is, your week is, your month is your year. We can’t focus on where we’re going to go the whole year. If we don’t focus on the day, the week, the month and the year and do the small things every day. That becomes the week that becomes the month that becomes the year. So I found this very insightful and very extraordinary and I wanted to share that, with all your listeners out there today so that you can come up with your vision for 20, 20 and maybe pick your three words.

So we all were going, what is our vision for 2020. Why am I so excited? Well, Boone too clearly has taken off. I see the vision it’s implemented, it’s in a telehealth format. It’s happening. We are doing it. We have some exciting things that I’m not able to talk about right now on the show yet, but partnerships and creating like extraordinary programs in advance practice and telehealth that are going to massively impact those that are in need in California and across the country. I will be speaking at the Western pharmacy exchange in April which will be held in Anaheim, California, the home of Disneyland.

This is the 150th-year celebration of CPHI, the California pharmacists association, which you know, is an extraordinary organization that really impacts the lives of pharmacists and patients throughout California and really serves as a guiding light for all of us as pharmacists.

So if you are in California and you’re attending the Western pharmacy exchange in April, I will be speaking on Friday, April 17th and the topic that I will be presenting is turning around an epidemic, the role of the pharmacist in HIV treatment and prevention in getting to zero past, present and future. So I hope to see a lot of you at that conference. I know Todd URI, the Todd castor host and owner of the pharmacy podcast will be there and I can’t wait to do some podcasts from, from, from their conference. So these are few things of our vision for 2020.

I can finally see clearly can see all this work over all these years has come to fruition in this perfect vision for 2020. I feel I have a 2020 vision finally. So I want to thank you all for listening to the conscious pharmacist podcast. We’re part of the pharmacy podcast network. I encourage you to share these episodes with your colleagues. I’m subscribed as a listener and if, if any of you are sharing the love right now, I would love a review on iTunes and let us know.

If you like this podcast, I’d really like you to get in touch with me to let me know what other topics you’d like to hear on the conscious pharmacist podcast. I’m going forward into 2020 and again, thank you so much and remember to be conscious, be the change.