online trainingThe second key in creating your successful pharmacy business is SPEED. In order to build on the number one key to success, your Trained Staff, the next thing is to make sure they are trained correctly, efficiently and quickly.

The ability to train staff quickly and affordably brings fast results and implementation of new ideas and functions.

Online training is fast, efficient and flexible:

  • No extra work on your part
  • lower cost
  • no travel
  • Available 24/7 to suit your schedule and that of your employees
  • Your staff will love YOU

During online training, your staffs progress can be monitored for effectiveness, and retention with exams for each module. This has been shown to increase retention. You no longer need to guess if your staff understood the materials

An additional bonus to the right online training program is CE units for Pharmacists and technicians…what a bonus!

Stay tuned for Key #3 in a few days!