In this episode we discuss the 1st step to answering the call to be a pharmacist healthcare provider. The first step to take is acknowledging and knowing your WHY?





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Show Notes:

  • What’s the difference between a calling vs a job
  • Identifying your why
  • What’s your Dharma
  • Being on Purpose

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This is Michelle Sherman President of MichRX Pharmacist Consulting Services and your conscious pharmacist with today’s episode of the Conscious Pharmacist podcast. Our episode today is called Answering The call to be a pharmacist healthcare provider. The first step in realizing your dream for your career, for your life, for your purpose is determining what is your why. Have you ever thought of that? Have you ever thought of what is it? Why do I do what I do every day? That is the first step, the key to that trajectory on your path and your roadmap to the success of your career and the path that you want to take. What is your why?

I know what my why is. I figured out my why many, many years ago when I started working with people living with HIV. When I first moved to the United States 32 years ago, I had friends that were sick and that were dying and I knew, I knew from my core, from the bottom of my heart that this was my purpose, no matter what. I needed to be working with people living with HIV and trying to make a difference in their life. The hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of patients that I’ve had over the years that have died of aids, those are the people that propel me.

Change course, change direction. Working with people, living with HIV and creating programs and doing things that make people’s lives better. I view myself as a pharmacist and most certainly as a healthcare provider because I know I can make a difference every single day in the lives of my patients. It is those patients of mine living courageously and bravely every single day with HIV having to take their meds and those living with the challenges that they have to do with their health. They propel me to do what it is every day. I know my why. What is your why with a written the area of HIV or any other disease state. Sit down, meditate, write down and, figure out what is your why. If you haven’t thought of that, so the first step is figuring out your why. Once you figured out your why, didn’t look at what you do everyday. When you get up, you get ready and you go to work every day.

Are you going to a job or are you living your Dharma, your calling, your purpose in life. What is the difference between a calling and a job? A job is something you just get up begrudgingly and go and do every day to get that paycheck. You stand, you do your work, you clock in, you clock out and then you leave at the end of the day, just like that mouse on the wheel, on the treadmill going in everyday living every day. It’s just a job. It’s just something you do there’s no connection. When the work that you do every day becomes a calling there is literally nothing that could stop you. You are passionate about getting up in the morning, going to work. Doing your thing, going to the pharmacy, going to the clinic, going to the hospital wherever it is that you work, you are rearing to go.

No matter what hurdles that you have to jump through all through the day you are living your calling. It makes it much easier when you’ve changed your paradigm and change your focus. Am I doing what it is that I was destined to do? Am I living my Dharma? When you’re living your Dharma, you can take whatever is thrown at you because you know from your heart, from your soul, you are doing what you supposed to do. So it helps you figure out solutions and overcome all the challenges that come in our way. We have those all of us every day and we know in pharmacy and in specialty pharmacy, there are a lot of those. But when we are living our purpose, living at Dharma and doing a calling, those challenges become much easier. When we sit with our patients, we have to be on purpose, sit with them, engage with them, look them in the eye and listen. That is the key. Don’t do all the talking, let them do the talking, listen to what’s going on with him. He would be on purpose when you with each patient and you will figure out and come up with the best solution for them. Remember, it’s a being on purpose. So you can answer the call to be a pharmacist, healthcare provider, figuring out your why, live on purpose and look at what you do every day and make sure it’s your calling and not just the job.