In this episode, you will be jolted into consciousness and to realize the importance of a disaster plan for your family, your business, your TEAM, and your patients.





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What You Will Learn:

  • Being jolted to your senses
  • Do you have a disaster plan
  • If not get one STAT

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This is Michelle Sherman. President took me, she writes, pharmacist consulting services and your host for the conscious pharmacists podcast. Our podcast today is called: Are, you prepared? What is your disaster plan?

This podcast has been on my mind for a while and literally jolted me into recording it for you because I was shaken to the core the past two days. On Thursday we had a huge earthquake in southern California where my entire house was rocking and rolling and last night was jolted for 40 seconds for the 7.1 earthquake that happened in Ridgecrest, California.

For those of you who are not in California and have never experienced an earthquake, it’s a real surreal feeling. First of all, you feel the fish thing that I had thought was like, oh my God, I have this like vertigo. But then you realize the whole house is swaying and shaking and rocking and rolling and after subsided.

It’s extremely stressful because you don’t know what’s coming next. So I thought so with everybody in San Bernardino and Kern County and in the Richcrest area, um, the safety of everybody comes first. And this led me to this podcast today with like how were you prepared, not only prepared for your family and the safety of your immediate family but what is your disaster plan for Your Business?

A disaster plan. Like if an earthquake happened while your staff is working in the pharmacy, we can extrapolate this to all these terrible natural disasters that we have. Floods, fires, hurricanes. What is your disaster plan for your pharmacy, for your pharmacy and for Your Business, not only for your, for your staff, like what, what is your evacuation route? What do you do to make sure you keep tabs on all your employees and have you practiced your disaster plan?

Have you practiced they evacuated from the building in case of an earthquake, a flood, a fire? Then extrapolate that disaster plan to your patients as conscious healthcare providers or are patients going to have access to the life-saving medications?

Encourage your patients to have an extra supply on hand of the life saving medications in the emergency preparedness Kit, do they have like a two week extra supply of their HIV meds, their cancer meds, whatever the diabetes meds, their insulin, are they prepared to be cut off from the world for a few days and still have access to their lifesaving medicines?

We as healthcare providers and pharmacists need to ensure this and what is our disaster plan in our pharmacy to ensure access for our patients to the life-saving medicines. When you think about access to our patients for the life-saving medicines with technology and computers and things we have today, what if the whole building implodes gets flooded?

Burns down? Is blown to bits in a hurricane? Do we have an external excess point and resource to access our patient records off-site? These are really important things to think of and while I was rocking and rolling, thinking of this earthquake and what was happening, these are thoughts that popped into my mind right away.

What is the disaster plan? What is the disaster plan for team members? Family members? Patients? And how do we extrapolate that longterm to make sure our patients don’t go with at the desperately needed lifesaving medicines they need? Think about it people.

This is like really real. Let’s get conscious. Let’s think about it. Let’s make sure we all have disaster plans in place. Remember be the change.