AB2418 ImageIn California Pharmacists are recognized as Healthcare Providers, who play a critical role in managing our patients medications.

Poor medication adherence is rampant and the costs of non adherence are staggering $289 Billion a year. Our healthcare system can and MUST do better and the role of the pharmacist is essential in reducing this unacceptable amount.

California Assemblywoman Susan A. Bonilla has authored AB2418 promoting patient Medication Adherence and the California Pharmacists Association is a sponsor the bill.

The bill addresses some major issues important to pharmacists and patients alike:

  • Allows a patient to opt out of their health plan’s mandatory mail order program if they prefer to obtain their prescription drugs from a community pharmacy.
  • Streamlines prescription medications by placing the patient’s medications on the same refill schedule.
  • Allows patients who run out of prescription eye medications because of accidental spillage or who use more than 70% of their eye drops to be eligible for an early refill.

Support and passage of this bill is important LIVES depend on it!