In this episode we talk about the upcoming Western Pharmacy Exchange, the Annual conference of the California Pharmacists Association, taking place in Los Angeles, California April 12-14





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Show Notes:

  • More about the conference
  • The two speaking activities and poster presentation by our Conscious Pharmacist

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Hi, this is Michelle, you Conscious Pharmacist bringing you episode three of the conscious pharmacist podcast. Well, today’s really exciting. I’m getting ready to head up to Los Angeles, to the JW Marriott and La live to attend and to participate in the western pharmacy exchange, which is the annual conference for the California Pharmacists Association.

I’m really excited to get to this conference, not only for the great education it’s been provided there, but also networking with my colleagues and peers in learning more about being a pharmacist, healthcare provider, practicing on purpose, in being conscious where our patients awesome means that we have to learn and educate ourselves further.

My philosophy always is if their goes, if a day goes by where I’m not learning something, it really hasn’t been a good day because let’s face it, we can’t know everything and things are changing Pharmacies changing. We want to learn stuff every single day. A couple of other exciting things of the conference is that, I’m going to be speaking in two sessions and also presenting a poster.

The first session that I’m going to be doing on Saturday is with my colleague Dr. Michael Daher who’s the owner and pharmacist in charge at Pax Pharmacy in Duarte, California. I’m Michael and I are going to be doing a panel discussion. And the topic is I got my APH now what? California now has this new license designation, they advanced practice pharmacists. So we’re going to discuss, what it entails to become an advanced practice pharmacists, what it stands for and discuss, discuss current practice areas, where the APH license is being used and hopefully have a great dialogue with the audience about where they at with either getting or thinking about getting their APH and, what our practice, involves and you know, the projects and things that we’ve been doing utilizing our APH. So that’s going to be on Saturday morning.

Saturday afternoon I am doing another presentation, which I hope a lot of the pharmacy students that are attending the conference, all the tenders, well the title of that presentation is called On Purpose on shouldn’t the call to be a pharmacist healthcare provider. Clearly this is an extremely important topic to me. I believe that when I sit down with patients, I have to be conscious and give them 1000% of my time and attention to me. Being a pharmacist is a calling. It’s not a job and I have to practice on purpose every day. So we’re going to be discussing the role of the pharmacist and the evolution of purpose and service to the community every day when we work with our colleagues, work with our patients, we being of service. And that’s really important. We’ll also be discussing the spirit of Ubuntu, as you well know, I have my chronic care management program and MTM program called the Ubuntu Pharmacists Care Program.

And the basis of that entire program is the foundation is the spirit of Ubuntu. Ubuntu is an African, a Zulu word. That means what happens to me, happens to you, happens to all of us. It essentially means humanity. And I feel I practiced pharmacy with expert of Ubuntu to every day because what happens to my patients, affects me and the information that I teach them, educate them on and help them with the meds affects them. It not only affects them, it affects the family, it affects the entire communities. So the spirit of Ubuntu is the spirit and the backbone of everything we do at MichRX Consulting.

And I believe it’s the spirit of practicing on purpose as well. We’ll also be discussing, MTM and chronic care management services and about pharmacist getting paid. So it ties also into the pharmacist as a healthcare provider and getting paid for services and then violence, practice pharmacy.

And then I will also be presenting some cases and discussing those of patients that I’ve taken care of. And the third thing that we’ll be going on on Saturday, and hopefully Friday afternoon when when they exhibit to open is a poster.

My poster is going to be presented at the conference it’s poster number 4025. And the title of the poster is A Model of Pharmacist-Implemented Medication Adherence Improvement in an Outpatient Population Diagnosed with HIV. This poster looks at work that I have done with the Laguna beach community clinic in Laguna Beach, California and helping HIV patients from the clinic, um, improve adherence and improve outcomes for the HIV. I’m very excited to present this poster and for those of you who are attending the conference, I hope you come by and check it out and hopefully we can have a dialogue.

So I’m very excited to be going to the Western, um, pharmacy exchange and being part of the conference and networking and seeing all frames, making new friends and um, just having a great time with my colleagues and learning more about pharmacy, pharmacy law and the latest trends in pharmacy because that’s how we make a difference. It’s all up to us. We practice in a conscious manner. We all conscious pharmacists and we make a difference to our patients every day.

So I hope you enjoy this episode and we’ll see you on the side and remember be the change.