In this episode we discuss the broken healthcare system and why it is such an exciting time to be in healthcare…..especially if you are a Disruptor.

It’s time to break all the traditions and create your own roadmap to make a difference.





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What You Will Learn:

  • Why our healthcare system is broken
  • Why following tradition is dead in the water and why Disruption and new ideas matter
  • Chart your own course and create your roadmap

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Today we are talking about being a disruptor. In my opinion, never before have times have been so exciting in health care and in pharmacy and if you can disrupt the status quo, disrupt the traditions. Oh my goodness. The world is our oyster. The world is your oyster. So I titled Today for our podcast is be a disruptor. We all know we have a completely broken healthcare system. The system, the care for our patients is completely fragmented. They literally have a different doctor and specialist for every single body part in their body. To me, this makes no sense. As a pharmacist, healthcare provider and working with patients, how can we look at a myopic piece of the body and come up with the best plan out bodies or extraordinary organisms with everything and every function connected to each app, each other looking at the whole person.

I truly believe that in order to be a disruptor in healthcare and as a pharmacist looking at nontraditional ways to do your practice, we have to look at the whole person and not at all this fragmented care, looking at each different body part, a different doctor for every piece of the body. I think sample would be from that just inexperienced with my own father’s care. He has 10 different doctors and specialists literally from head to toe, from a neurologist to an ophthalmologist to a cardiologist, to a nephrologist and a urologist and a podiatrist and on and on and on and his general practitioner of course, well, a few years ago, he had to have his kidney removed because he had cancer in one of his years and because of his low kidney function and things like that, I had had a conversation with his urologist. The guy that did the surgery and asked him if he would suggest, um, putting my dead on some multivitamin like Nif Revit that might be safe for his kidneys, his kidney.

Cause now he only had one functioning at a lower rate and what he thought about that and if it would be a good idea and maybe we can get a prescription and I can take care of that for my dad and his response to me was, I don’t do that. You need to ask the nephrologist. And I was just stunned. I was speechless. No words could actually come out of my mouth because you mean to tell me you’re a urologist. The bladder through the urator is connected to the kidney. Those organs function simultaneously in intend them with each other and Yukon onto that question. For me, our stand there is just a mere little example of how disjointed and fragmented our patients is. Each doctor looks at the organ and there’s no connection with the rest. The pharmacy care for our patients is completely fragmented.

They can go to the community pharmacy for regular things, but God forbid they get a specialty medication prescribed. Then that has to be dispensed from a pharmacy. Nobody knows where it is through the mail, through something like that or the prescription benefit manager mandates that they get their regular prescriptions from the mail order pharmacy and they can get just acute prescriptions from the pharmacy. How can that be good care? How can that be a good thing? Because nobody has the full picture on the patient, not the physicians who are prescribing things willingly in their own little myopic view. Then they go to different pharmacies and quite clearly the stats, the studies show that of our patients are getting sicker drug interaction, side effects or critical burdens on the healthcare system and critical causes of hospitalizations. It’s catastrophic. The mail order mandates making our patients not have choice for the pharmacy that they want.

Dir fees. These are literally modern day forms of highway robbery. Were pharmacists or lucky literally being robbed every month by money being taken back by these PBMs for fees that nobody even knows what they fall existed from pharmacies that are providing extraordinary care to their patients above and beyond what any of these PBMs and the pharmacies could provide and they are taking back money. I’ve seen pharmacies being recouped $200,000 in a year or sometimes even every three months from PBMs. That kind of an explain why there’s no transparency. The skyrocketing costs of medications is also a burden on our patients, on our pharmacies, on the healthcare system as a whole. Decreased reimbursements or all of you that own pharmacies are working. Pharmacies know exactly what, what a catastrophic problem there it is. Copay accumulators. These insurance companies and Pbms jumping on the bandwagon saying that our patients cannot use copay cards to alleviate these catastrophic copays that they implement on them because of the high cost of the drugs and the rebates that they forced drug companies to give them a patients are just getting sicker patients or just getting sicker and the costs are rising and for one of the most advanced countries in the Western world, we have the sickest, sickest patients.

So how do we change this? I think everything is so exciting is healthiest changes and changing and the possibilities and technologies and advancing. How do we become a disruptor? We all know Amazon’s a big disruptor. They purchase of PillPack and now they just want Amazon prime members to order the prescriptions online. How do we as specialty pharmacies and pharmacists compete with the Amazons, the disruptors of the world? We need to become disruptors ourselves. Break the rules, break the traditions first out of that box of traditional pharmacy, of filling prescriptions, licking and sticking. What is it then you can do to stand out and be a disruptor today in healthcare? Create your own roadmap. My philosophy in my career has always been, why do I want to follow the same path as everybody else do something that everybody else is done. I want to create that new map.

I want to find my own true north, not there of somebody else’s, and that’s what I’ve done throughout my career. I created my own roadmap. I have my own compass that’s hitting me in the right direction, and believe me, that’s not a straight flat road ahead the road has twists, adhere to his turns. It has obstacles and broken down trees and potholes. And sometimes you have to go backwards and curves and appeals and down hills, but it’s totally worth it. Pick up your own compass, the compass within your heart, within your soul, your purpose, and become a disruptor. And one more thing, if anyone tells you, oh, you crazy, you can’t do that. Nobody can do that. Take that is validation because there are so many naysayers, naysayers out there, all the people that are doing nothing, just trudging, trudging, trudging to the little jobs every day following their treadmill, being that red on the wheel.

Those are the Naysayers, oh no, that can’t be done. So my philosophy has always been, every time people have told me there can’t be done, I go right ahead like a bulldog. And I know I’m headed in the right direction. So the more naysayers you have in the path of yours to be a disruptor, the more validation you have to know you’re on the right path. Anything at any pharmacy, students listening to this episode today, just know you’re on the right track, you’re on the right path, and you can do anything you want. Follow that compass of your dreams and remember, we’ll see you next time and be the change.

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