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What you will learn

  • When is WPE 2021
  • Get Your Pharmacy On
  • My Presentation on Saturday June 19th @ 8am
  • Attend Virtually or In Person
  • 20 Hours CE
COVID-19 vaccine registration concept. Blurring of bottle and hand. Focus on ” COVID-19 vaccine registration form “

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This is Michelle Sherman, president of Michelle Rex pharmacist consulting services and your host for the conscious pharmacist podcast. The conscious pharmacist podcast is a proud member of the pharmacy podcast network and active duty for the U S for me and today’s podcast is going to be about the Western pharmacy exchange coming up. In June in Palm Springs, California, I’m very excited and honored and privileged to be able to present at this conference hosted by the California pharmacists association. Well, what are you? We have all had covered all of us being on the front lines, doing their thing we do is taking care of patients throughout this pandemic unwavering taking care of our patients and, and, and doing the right thing. Last year, the Western pharmacy exchange you know, obviously we couldn’t do do the conference. It was done virtually and this year CPH has done an incredible, incredible job.

Shout out to everybody at CPHI Susan, Rajon seen Michelle for putting together such an extraordinary conference coming up June 18th through June 20th in Palm Springs. The conference is obviously different this year because of COVID there’s a limited attendance in-person, which is sold out already. For those of you who want to attend this conference, and I hope you, you do, it’s going to be virtual as well. So you can go to Western pharmacy, the info’s in the resources and sign up for the conference, sign up to participate virtually. Again, as I mentioned, I am privileged and honored to be one of the speakers again at conference. I’ll be speaking at 8:00 AM on Saturday the 19th. And my presentation is going to be LGBTQ healthcare in the face of a triad of pandemics HIV.

COVID-19 structural racism in the role of the pharmacist. This presentation is going to address the challenges in the LGBTQ healthcare, in the face of a triad of pandemics HIV COVID 19 and structural racism, and how pharmacists can play a crucial role in breaking through these pandemics and providing safe culturally competent care that improve patient outcomes and quality of life. It’s going to be you know, promoted through all the social media channels on the pharmacy podcast network and the like, and obviously I’m here on the conscious pharmacist podcast. My presentation is going to be live virtual. So I I’m so excited to, to do this in a live virtual capacity. I hope for you listeners, you’re going to attend the conference. There’s going to be 20 hours of CE, and I’d love to see you all attending my session at eight o’clock on Saturday, the 19th of June learning objectives for this program are going to be to number one, identify links between HIV COVID-19 and structural racism and the impact on the LGBTQ Q community, discuss prep and pep and the impact on the community in ending the HIV epidemic, identify gaps in LGBTQ health care and how pharmacists can overcome the triad of pandemics.

Explain the role of the pharmacist in impacting positive outcomes in the LGBTQ community, and describe changes in your practice that you would be implement to be LGBTQ competent and culturally competent to provide care to the community. I’m really looking forward to this and some, some other great revelations we’ll have at CPH, a regarding LGBTQ health care and the role that we as pharmacists play in this critical triad or pandemics and its effect on the LGBTQ community. Other CES that’ll be they, that, that, that day at eight o’clock, we’ve got an asthma update pharmacy ownership and introduction for would be entrepreneurs safeguarding your, your pharmacy quality control tests for dosage form and comment, common pitfalls when medication costs $30,000 an intro into specialty pharmacy, the law update demystifying the pharmacist role in homeopathic medicine ensuring how to educate your patients very important session shout out to Dr.

Pam Tarlo. Pam has been featured on the pharmacy podcast on the conscious pharmacist podcast already. And this is a critical area for us as pharmacists. Learning about homeopathic medicine about integrative medicine about supplements and how do we incorporate that into the care of our patients? So thank you, Dr. Tarlow for, for speaking again at CPHI and I look very forward to your presentation precepting and 20 hours of CE so much, much more. If you want to check out the info on for the, for the conference, go to Western pharmacy, and sign up. Right now the in-person attendance is sold out, but plenty room for the virtual conference. I’ll be attending virtually, as I mentioned before, and presenting my presentation live virtually on Saturday. So I hope to see you all there. It’s time. We got together as a group of pharmacists, we’ve done such extraordinary work over the last year. You are the change we can gather together, whether it is some of us in person all together, virtually to share our insights and come together in this wonderful conference presented by the California pharmacists association. So no matter where you are in the country, no travel, no getting away for the weekend. You can just attend this conference virtually. So I hope to see you all there. Remember we are the change and I’ll see you in June at the WPE the Western pharmacy exchange presented by CPHI until next time.