Are you interested in Creating an HIV Specialty in your Pharmacy or do you have one already? Having a Specialty in the pharmacy increases prescription revenue dramatically and enhances the pharmacy’s bottom line. What is the incidence of HIV in your community? An HIV Specialty creates a specific niche that is recognized and acknowledged throughout the community and you as the pharmacist can make an enormous difference. Not only do you make a difference in your community but as a health care professional, the work is extremely rewarding.

The Pharmacist is Critical to Help People get HIV-AIDS Resources that Improves Wellness and Furthers Longevity


Pharmacist involvement in the care of HIV infected individuals is critical especially in the areas of drug therapy counseling, drug interaction monitoring, and adherence. HIV treatment failure is related to problems with patient adherence to drug therapy and with drug potency. Many patients have been HIV infected for many years, and the challenges of “lifetime adherence” become increasingly difficult as patients face pill fatigue and long-term toxicities from the medications. Drug Interactions play a major role in the success of any plan managing HIV; not only interactions between the Antiretroviral medications themselves, but also between antiretrovirals and other prescription medications, over the counter medications, supplements and nutraceuticals, as well as street drugs.

As a Pharmacist you may have a robust HIV Practice or only have a few HIV patients, or you may be interested in starting an HIV Specialty from scratch. MichRxPharmacist Consulting Services, Inc. provides Coaching and Training programs to help you create and build a successful HIV practice as well as help those established practices improve their business.

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