handcuffsWhen taking care of our HIV patients Care and compassion are essential for success. Not only your success but also success for HIV patients in their outcomes and experience with the pharmacy.

None of this matters when the motivation of the pharmacist is greed, unethical behavior and criminal activity. Nothing is more irksome and unacceptable than pharmacists preying on chronically ill patients and manipulating drug therapies and engaging in fraudulent behavior in an effort to make more money!

Just last week a pharmacist in New Your was arrested in an FBI and IRS sting and charged in a multi-million dollar Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Scheme. This pharmacist was targeting HIV patients and he allegedly sold and received reimbursement from Medicare and Medicaid for illegally diverted pharmaceuticals obtained from patients.

As pharmacists we must be ethical, caring and compassionate and NEVER engage in criminal activities!

See the entire article here on the FBI website