I wanted to share my recent experience with Facebook with you as I think there are some very important lessons you can learn when using your Facebook page for your Marketing.

As you know Facebook works on complicated algorithms that computer geniuses come up with as they sit at their computers each day. On Tuesday September 30th I had a message on my Facebook Page “HIV Specialty Pharmacy Marketing” that my page had been unpublished and that the page does not follow one or more of Facebook’s Page Terms. See the image below.

FB Unpublished

Of course I appealed the decision,  and FB Replied the following day. See this email below:

 FB Policy Reply

None of this made sense to me so I emailed back of course…see email and reply below:

 FB email respose 2

Through FB algorithm they seem to think I am promoting or selling a “pharmaceutical product”…mmmmm


Well I emailed them back and said the following:

 FB Appeal 3


My point with all this, especially if your Facebook Page is for your Pharmacy, be very careful what you advertise. Obviously Facebook’s algorithm can’t distinguish between Services like we offer  at MichRx Pharmacist Consulting Services, Inc. and “prescription pharmaceuticals”, s0 be aware what content you post for your pharmacy.

So what happens if Facebook shuts down your page?

  1. Anything you post on Facebooks platform is basically theirs and they can shut you down whenever, look at what happened to me. Make sure you have your OWN website and then post your blogs, content etc. from your website to your Facebook Page. This way if your page gets slapped and shut down you do not loose all your contents…. it’s still on YOUR website
  2. Be aware of what you’re promoting and advertising especially since you have a pharmacy…. don’t advertise prescription pharmaceuticals
  3. You can always just make another Facebook page. I had to create a new page MichRx Consulting (Facebook.com/MichRxPharmacistConsulting) and now have to build my new page


So bottom line, everything you put on Facebook is theirs to shutdown whenever they feel their algorithm says so. Put your content on your website and/or blog where you have 100% control over what happens to the content and where it goes. Post your content from your website and/or blog to your FB page, so you will always have access to it even if Facebook shuts you down.

Now that I have to build our new Page  please go ahead and like it at Facebook.com/MichRxPharmacistConsulting