How Do HIV Patients Find the Best Source for their HIV Medications?

HIV medicationsHIV Medications are available from a wide variety of vendors. When a person is diagnosed with the HIV virus they are seeking experts who they can trust to manage their HIV medications and help them understand a clear strategy for fighting the battle. This is a very personal struggle that requires personalized healthcare and compassionate attention. Patients do not want to get their HIV medications from an impersonal corporate pharmacy with hundreds of thousands of customers all receiving the same pre-prescribed types of care.

Whether you are a pharmacist looking to specialize in AIDS or HIV medications or a patient that has been recently diagnosed with the HIV virus and looking for personalized care, this information can help you.


Referral from Friends, Physicians, Health Care Providers and AIDS Service Organizations:

HIV medications onlineFriends and family members are sometimes the best source of information. They can provide information from personal experiences and therefore quite reliable. HIV is an extremely sensitive issue, but, if possible, it is always recommended to ask family and friends for information or referral.

Physicians will most likely have access to information on HIV Specialty Pharmacy or if not, they can always direct you to the right direction. Some physicians work closely with an HIV Specialty Pharmacy in managing their patients. Therefore, it is always recommended that patients ask their physicians for referral.

Another great source of referral are the Local AIDS Service Organizations in your local area.


Look for Local Specialized Pharmacies on Google:

You can always find local HIV Specialty Pharmacies by using Google. Go to and then type the following into the search tab: HIV Pharmacy (your city or county).

Here is an example: HIV Pharmacy, Los Angeles. Once you then click on the search tab, it will bring up the HIV Specialty Pharmacies in Los Angeles. Those pharmacies with the highest rankings in Google will show up on the first page.


Check Out Pharmacy Websites:

After you have done your Google search and found some HIV Specialty pharmacies in your local area that offer HIV Medications, check out their websites.

Read through the website and find out who they are, what is their philosophy. Also read through and find out what services they offer.



Once you have found some of the Specialty Pharmacies in your local area, you can go onto some review sites such as Yelp (, and see if there are any reviews for the Specialty Pharmacies you are looking at.


Are They Members of And/Or Do They Support the Community?

It is extremely important that the Specialty Pharmacy that you select, is a member of the community and/or is very involved and committed to the HIV Community.

The pharmacy must support local events and activities in the community and at local AIDS Service Organizations. The compassion and commitment of the pharmacy is exhibited in their involvement and work in the community


Looking to Specialize in HIV Medications? HIV medications overview

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