It’s Time to bring kindness & compassion back into healthcare.





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What You Will Learn:

  • It’s Time to bring kindness & compassion back into healthcare
  • Are we so burned out that we don’t care about our patients
  • We took the Hippocratic oath….let’s act like it

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Michelle Sherman, president of Michel Rex Pharmacist consulting services, and your host for the conscious pharmacist podcast. This week our podcast is let’s bring kindness and compassion back into health care. Wow. It’s been a couple of weeks. Let’s get conscious as healthcare providers, pharmacists, physicians, nurses, we are healthcare providers. We have to be conscious. I took the Hippocratic oath. So did all of you. Let’s get conscious. Let’s put kindness and compassion back into health care.

12 days ago my dad took a trip and he cracked his pelvis and the healthcare experience since then has been nothing short of a nightmare. Slaves of meat in the butcher and the manifests the meatpacking plants get better treatment than our patients do in hospitals, health care facilities, and treated by healthcare providers. Oh, we as health care providers so burned out, so unconscious that we treat our patients like slabs of meat on Industry, assembly line, just waiting to be packaged and repackaged.

My Dad ended up in the emergency room and was treated less than compassionate and kindness. Once they found out after rays that his pelvis was cracked, he wasn’t admitted to the hospital. He was shuttled off to a health and Rehab facility. Now those places are completely nightmarish. From the outside. It looked like it was adequate and he was going to get the OT and PT that it was required.

You know, as family members and caregivers, we have to spend every waking hour monitoring other healthcare providers to make sure they don’t kill our loved ones. It’s outrageous kid conscious, be kind, be compassionate. That’s why I got into health care. I became a pharmacist to help people, to help people heal. Anyway, he was in the facility and he was doing really well. I mean, strong as an ox, extraordinary, doing great on PT. Learning to walk was able to dress himself, take care of himself. Friday night, Bam. They changed the bed that he has in it, in, in the room that is in and remove like a rail that helps him like pull himself up, move, helps him motivate himself, like get himself up, ambulate this, no kindness, there’s no compassion. They’re totally blind to the specific needs of a specific patient and sometime in the middle of the night, around 11 o’clock he falls out of bed or tries to get up and falls.

None of us really know what happened. He falls, he’s lying on the floor for who knows long until they call my mom and let her know. She says, should she come? They say, no, they’ll take care of it or whatever. This over 200-pound man lay on the floor. When she eventually arrived, a few hours later, they had moved him and sitting in a wheelchair. Never mind that he’s in pain all this time and they did nothing about it. No Tylenol, no Norco, no pain meds, whatever. Eventually, one of this genius uncompassionate, no words to describe, decides to contact the doctor from the facility who then orders an x-ray. That then takes three hours to read, only to discover he’s got a broken hip, but they didn’t call nine one.

They didn’t call the ambulance to like seven 30 or so in the morning. So from 11 o’clock at night till seven or whatever in the morning, my father was writhing in agony because people and healthcare providers are completely unconscious, unkind, uncompassionate and unsympathetic to their patients.

You’re just another number, just another slave of meat. He was then taken to the emergency room with a cascade of events, then occurred. He was at least taken care of, put on pain medication until the orthopedic surgeon arrived who then, decided he needed surgery. He spent the day in the emergency room, was admitted Sunday morning he had surgery and he’s doing okay in the hospital. Thank God.

But the point is the health and Rehab facility is literally right across the street from the hospital, right across the street that if you, if you threw a, you can throw it from the parking lot of the hospital right through the front entrance of the Rehab facility that’s how close it is. How do they not call an ambulance and send the patient to the hospital when something catastrophic like this happens, something mind you fed is their responsibility.

It’s their fault. That could have completely been avoided. Is it because they’ll get a ding on their Medicaid ratings? What’s the deal? No compassion, no kindness, completely unconscious healthcare providers taking care of our loved ones. Come on people. We need to stop. This is pharmacists, is physicians as nurses is LVNs is CNS is healthcare providers. If we are in that line of work, we owe it to our patients to be conscious, to be kind, to be compassionate.

The patients deserve it. The loved ones deserve it and Oh my God, let’s just stop this unconscious provision of health care and treatment of our patients like they slabs of meat. We can do this. We can be conscious. We can be kind, we can be compassionate.

Remember be the change.