MichRx Consulting Leap Year Special

Get YOUR Pharmacy Business Ready and Poised for 2012

Make an Impact in 2012 to EXPLODE Your Pharmacy Business Online bringing customers through your door to experience YOUR expertise and care

MichRx Consulting is offering the Social Media Pharmacist Influence Engines Program to you at an amazing Leap Year Discount to get you jumpstarted for 2012

Do you know what your businesses online influence is? When Customers and potential customers go online to search for the PERFECT Pharmacy to take care of their prescription needs and pharmaceutical care and that of their family….CAN THEY FIND YOUR INDEPENDENT PHARMACY?….easily.


Once they find your Independent Pharmacy, What do they find? What is your online reputation?
Do You Know what people are saying about you on review sites. Some reviews are great but some can be devastating. Who is monitoring YOUR Online Reputation?

Your Online visibility and accessibility all over the internet and on review sites and directories can definitely set you apart from your competitors and bring more customers to YOUR Pharmacy

Now I know you don’t have time. You are so busy working on your business and in your business that the thought of doing one more thing makes your head want to explode!

Being a pharmacist we are like and octopus and we should have 8 hands we are so busy! Is your goal to work less and make more $$$ so you can spend more time with your family and doing the things you love to do, and to Play more!
In this “New Economy” being online, being found and being everywhere is critical to a Businesses survival, and pharmacy is no different.

How to get it done is easy……Get it done for You!
MichRx Consulting’s Social Media Pharmacist Influence Engines Program, provides comprehensive visibility and reputation management services in the Influence Engines—directories and additional social media that buyers consult for information informing their shopping and purchase decisions.

Take advantage of Social Media Pharmacist Influence Engines Program Leap Year Special

$7200.00 per Year ($600 per Month) NOW for a limited time

(Only Until February 29, 2012) the cost for the Year is $5997.00 a savings of $1203.00




People look at review sites and directories and read the reviews before deciding to use a business and a pharmacy is no different. In fact it is critical for pharmacies, because people want to know about the services, customer service, who you are and is the pharmacy a fit for their health and that of their family!
MichRx’s Social Media Pharmacist Influence Engines Program develops key data for your company’s profiles and directory listings, including Names and Contact Information, complete Business Description, Additional Contact information and Keywords.


MichRx completes the Top 5 Influence Engines Action Steps each month (as determined by the Influence Engines Monthly Report) for the duration of the program. You will receive this report via e-mail, monthly. These action steps may include adding your business listing to directories, completing missing data in key listings, or setting up profiles and pages in social networks, new platforms and bookmarking sites.

The blueprint and materials that we provide can be used for both jump-starting a satisfied customer rating and creating a strong reviews program and continuing to elicit them on a regular basis.
So now you can see How IMPORTANT your Online Influence is…..Is Your Score higher than that of your competitors?