Mail Order Pharmacies, many of which are owned and operated by Insurance companies, PBM’s and Big Box Chain Pharmacies, are the source of massive waste and irresponsible practices that are draining our healthcare system and NOT providing any patient care.

You would think such incestuous behavior would be illegal, but the government turns a blind eye to these practices, which clearly show a massive conflict of interest.

The insurance companies dupe employers when they are told that they will “get a better deal” and cost them less if they make their employees utilize mail order pharmacies instead of local community pharmacies. This is just not true.

Community pharmacists are accessible and trusted by patients especially those with chronic illnesses such as HIV, Cancer and Hepatitis C. Insurance companies, PBM’s and their specialty pharmacies reclassify drugs as “specialty drugs” when drugs are expensive and FORCE members against their will to use the mail order pharmacies.

These companies are preying on the sickest most vulnerable patients. Community Pharmacists are the perfect healthcare providers set up to take care of these patients.

Mail Order Pharmacies mail out medication to patients without ever contacting the patients and providing care to see if the patient is even taking the medications. This results in billions of dollars of wasted medications that drain the healthcare system.

Watch this video on mail-order waste from NBC


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Mail-order pharmacies and insurance companies have been accused of discriminating against people living with HIV by forcing them to use their mail-order pharmacies, instead of giving patients a choice to continue to use their local HIV Specialist Community Pharmacists that they know, like and trust and have long-term relationships with. Consumer watchdog has successfully brought suit against Anthem Blue Cross of California and United Healthcare and OptumRX.

Currently Consumer Watchdog has a suit against AETNA and is bringing suit against other insurers forcing HIV Patients to mail order