Don’t Get Left Behind in Marketing Your Pharmacy Services

Are you a Pharmacist looking to increase the visibility of your pharmacy services online? Many pharmacists are underestimating how valuable a strong online presence can be. Using effective strategies of online marketing can help prevent your pharmacy and pharmacy services from getting left behind.

Approximately 97% of consumers research products online before calling a business for services or buying a product (either online or in a store). The days of looking up businesses or pharmacy services in the yellow pages are quickly becoming obsolete.

Pharmacy expert, Michelle Sherman of has helped pharmacists grow their online presence, establish a specialized pharmacy, and grow profits exponentially.

As a forward-thinking pharmacist who is looking to continue enjoying a prosperous pharmacy business, here are the top 5 things to consider when using online marketing to promote your pharmacy services.

How can you market your pharmacy services online? pharmacy services

1. Do You Have a Website?

Your website is the home base of your online presence and pharmacy services. Having a great website is one of the most important places to begin your online marketing. When analyzing your website to determine if it’s up to par, ask yourself these questions: Is your page dynamic? Are you interacting with customers? Is it being updated with current and relevant material? Are you making use of strong imagery and photos?  Have you implemented the use of video? Is there an “Opt-in” box to capture customer’s e-mail details? Are you featuring an offer that captures interest and inspired a potential customer to make a purchase?

2. Are You Making Use of Video?

News Flash! YouTube is currently the second most frequented search-engine in the world behind Google! Creating a video is much more simple these days than many people believe. Having a few videos that engage your audience can be very rewarding not only in growing the online presence of your pharmacy services, but it also helps your rankings on Google and other search engines as well.

3. Can People Find Your Content?

You can pay a large amount of money to a web designer to make you a beautiful page to represent your pharmacy services, but that will do no good unless people can actually find you.

Here’s an example:

pharmacy services onlineLet’s imagine that your pharmacy is based out of San Diego. When a person in the San Diego area types in “Pharmacy in San Diego,” do you show up on the first page? Statistically, if you are not in the top 5 places in Google for keywords related to your product or service, then you are missing out on 93% of the potential revenue and sales from your potential customers. You can solve this issue by making use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or strategizing a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign.

4. Keep Your Messaging Consistent!

Compliment your offline marketing by keeping your messaging the same for online and offline efforts. By keeping a consistent message, customers who view content from you in both avenues will feel trust and professionalism from you. If you have an online offer, reference the online offer in your offline materials, and vice versa. Use similar imagery, messaging, logos, and taglines that capture the minds of your potential customers in all of your marketing endeavors.

5. Done-For-You Pharmacy Services

So many people get intimidated by all of these marketing efforts from the Internet boom. After all, people in the pharmacy business are professionals at providing top-notch pharmacy services to customers, but not necessarily a marketing genius. There are many services in existence that will automate all of these aforementioned methods, and get you ranking in the top of Google quickly and services marketing

Michelle Sherman of MichRXConsulting has been helping pharmacists develop these campaigns and consulting the most cutting edge methods to keep you from getting left behind. Whether you are seeking expert marketing tactics for pharmacy businesses, or looking to specialize your pharmacy’s services for a niche, Michelle’s knowledge can be a benefit to you.

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