This week’s podcast we talked about taking the time out to recharge. You must look after yourself before you can look after your patients.





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What you will learn

  • How to recharge yourself and be conscious
  • Unplug
  • To take care of our patients and businesses we must recharge and unplug

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Our podcast this week is to recharge. You must unplug. You know how it is to be conscious with our patients. We have to be calm, focused, and laser in on the issues so we can come up with the best solutions for their hair. You know how it is, the phone rings all day long. We’re on the iPhone, iPad, computer and the juice just runs out.

The charge just goes away and in order to recharge our devices and everything that makes our business tick, we have to plug it in, plug it into some electrical outlet or source so it can recharge and be ready for the next round of work, patient care and the things that we do every day, but being conscious and taking care of ourselves so we can take better care of our patients. It’s quite the office opposite. In order to recharge as cells, we have to unplug. This part cost is coming to you from Aspen, Colorado, where I have unplugged and I’m recharging myself

in order to be conscious and provide the best care to my customers and my patients. I have to be laser focused and the only way to do that is to take care of myself. A few weeks ago we did the podcast on putting your oxygen mask on first. Well, this is on the same principle. We have to take care of it ourselves.

We have to completely unplug so we can recharge and come back to our business, to patients and provide the best care possible. So I’m in Aspen, totally unplugged and recharging and feeling so much better to be able to continue the work that I do for my customers and my patients. Getting in the car and leaving California was the beginning of the unplugging. The further away I got from Southern California, driving through Nevada, entering Utah, Utah, by the way, for any of you who have never been to Utah is, Oh my gosh.

It brings tears to my eyes, how breathtaking the state is. The natural beauty is extraordinary, and as the Corps was headed Northeast, going through Utah very where we were able to be witness to the magnificence of the universe, these extraordinary rock formations, trees, just the sheer expanse, beauty of the state brings tears to one’s eyes. We’re heading East on ice 70 and finally into Colorado.

The further I got away from Southern California, the more recharged I already felt. You can just feel the energy and the peace of the natural beauty around you. Just continually traveling East to Glenwood Springs and finally hitting up highway 82 to Aspen, Colorado, looking up and seeing the sheer magnificence of Mount Cyprus. Oh my goodness. The beauty, it’s just, there are no words that could describe this as I describe everything in this podcast. The only way to experience it is to put yourself in the sheer magnificence of this area.

It is truly beautiful. And then unplugging in Aspen, walking the trails, the extraordinary views of Mount Espen walking along the roaring fork river, watching the Leafs just rain down the fall, leaves in the golden shimmering magnificence. Two sitting, listening to the trickle of the roaring fork river and meditating. There’s nothing better. This my listeners is the way to recharge.

Like we take our iPhone, I paired our computers and plug it into that electrical source to recharge it up. We do the office opposite, we turn our phones off, we unplug and we’re infused with energy from the source that makes everything like possible. Those sheer magnificence and beauty of it all. So as I leave Aspen fully recharged, ready to take on patient care and all the issues we deal with in in pharmacy, I’ve unplugged. I’m recharged and energized like never before to continue this extraordinary journey. So remember, in order to recharge, we have to unplug until next time, be the change.