HollywoodRecently I was driving up to Los Angeles, Hollywood to be specific. For those of you familiar with Southern California traffic you know that when preparing to go places you manage your time to get there not by how far you are going but by how long it’s going to take you to get there.

I had six different freeway routes to choose from after all, all roads lead to Rome…right. The key was choosing the right combination of freeways, with the least traffic and congestion at the time, to get me to Hollywood the fastest!

You may be thinking “why is she talking about Southern Cal traffic, what has it got to do with me”!

Your pharmacy is no different to the gridlock traffic of Southern California! As you prepare to either start up your HIV pharmacy business or expand your existing HIV business, having a clear, well defined, organized and written marketing plan is absolutely critical.

Of course just like my trip to Hollywood all roads lead to Rome, you could pick any road to your marketing, Shouldn’t you pick the road that will get you to your destination (a thriving HIV pharmacy business) quickly and efficiently or should you choose the road with bumps, hazards and obstacles, or just pick any road to get there.

Your marketing plan needs to be a clearly defined road map, a blueprint if you will that will get your HIV Pharmacy Business where it needs to be, in the quickest most efficient manner and avoid lots of bumps, bruises and extra costs on the way.

As Gary Rudz said “Work is the tonic for worry, but good planning can be a cure”