Social Media Pharm

MichRx Pharmacist Consulting Services, Inc.’s Social Media Pharmacist ™ Provides Consulting Services and Coaching and Training for pharmacists and staff on using Social Media – Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIN

As Pharmacists and especially owners of Pharmacies is it critical to know how to maneuver through the new Web 2.0 – Social Media Platforms.

Social Media Pharmacist™ teaches you to use the power of social media to take your pharmacy business to the next level and engage in conversation with your patients.

Increase your profits by building stronger relationships with your patients. You have the ability to engage in conversation and provide real time information on your pharmacy, products and services, that will create raving fans of your customers, who will in turn refer you to their friends.

How much money have you spent on brochures, advertisements in local newspapers and magazines, postcards that you’ve mailed to homes in your neighborhood? It’s probably cost you a fortune, and have you got the return you’d hoped for? Probably not!

Traditional forms of marketing and media are one to many, so one newspaper goes to many subscribers or readers.

With Social Media, it’s many to many and you get much greater exposure and exponential growth of getting your message and campaign out there. This is a very cost effective way of marketing your pharmacy and pharmacy services, and doesn’t it make sense, go right to where your patients are.

MichRx Pharmacist Consulting Services, Inc.’s Social Media Pharmacist ™ program can help YOU and your Business succeed and give you an edge over your competitors.



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