You Just Threw Your Pharmacy Business A Life BoatAre you on Twitter? Are you on Facebook? Do you even have a website? If I looked online to try find pharmacy services in your local area would I find your pharmacy everywhere? If you answered NO to just one of these basic questions, you and your pharmacy are in the dark ages, you have been left stranded.

The “Dark Ages” in the digital revolution is prior to 2004 and you are behind the curve if you have done nothing or have a minimal presence online yesterday. Just imagine this: From BC to 2003 there was the transfer of 1 billion gigabytes of information. In this digital revolution that we are living in now there is the transfer of 1 billion gigabytes of information every day.

If you are not maximizing Modern Marketing techniques and your pharmacy is not being found everywhere online you are stranded alone on an island and within 5 years or less your pharmacy business will be obsolete.

As Independent Pharmacists you must capitalize on this digital revolution as the entire way that health care is delivered and your patients are cared for is changing and technology and the internet will make the difference. Dr Eric Topol, MD has realized this and has clearly explained the revolution in his book “The Creative Destruction of Medicine: How The Digital Revolution Will Create Better Health Care”

For your pharmacy to survive and thrive and be part of the revolution you MUST step out and be everywhere online engaging with your customers. You just have to stand on the beach on your deserted island and wave to the rescue boat (your online marketing and online presence) on the horizon