The Ubuntu Care Academy is our online training portal designed to provide online training and education for you and your TEAM.

Your workload is massive, your staff is busy and you want to grow your business. One of the keys to growing a successful pharmacy business is to make sure that your staff is trained and trained well. When was the last time you were able to get all your staff together in the same room at the same time to get training and learn to become a well oiled engine serving your patients? Probably never…it’s too difficult to coordinate and can be cost prohibitive.

Distance learning or Online training should be on your agenda NOW and here is why?

  1. Cheaper
    The cost of training yourself and your staff is the fraction of the cost of in person training. Each time you and your staff go to a training seminar or conference you have to pay additional staff to cover your pharmacy, you incur overtime pay, costs of travel including airline tickets, hotels and food. Online training eliminates these costs. With distance learning you and your staff don’t have to be out of the pharmacy
  2. Flexible
    With online training you and your staff can complete the training when time and scheduling allows. The training can be done during work hours or when convenient. (Note that if your staff completes online training courses when they are not at work, you should pay them for their time)
  3. Available 24/7
    Unlike scheduled offline seminars and training, you have access to your online training courses 24/7 so you can access the training when its convenient for you, and you have time and are comfortable doing it.
  4. Faster
  5. Measurable
  6. Studies show better retention
    Studies have shown that online courses and continuing education programs allow people to retain knowledge for longer periods of time and should be utilized[1][2] [3]
  7. Measurable
  8. More Efficient
  9. Less Work For You
  10. Helps Grow Your Business

Large Companies including pharmacies, third party payors, medical centers, clinics and AIDS Service Organizations Train your team members on HIV, HIV Medications, adherence, resistance, managing side effects and much more.

We create customized courses to suit your organization.

Tailored reports of employee progress throughout the course.

Track progress by job title or team.

CE available for all pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.