Hello and WELCOME to MichRxconsulting.com. I am here ready, willing and able to help YOU transform your business into the one you always dreamed of!

In these changing times it is imperative that we as pharmacists step up our game and change with the times. We are Health Care providers providing critical services to our patients in order to keep them well and improve the quality of their lives.

It is no longer just about filling the prescription and getting to the patient at the counter. In today’s times of shrinking margins and increasing drug costs, we have to do things differently in order to survive, especially if you own an independent pharmacy.

This site is exclusively for pharmacists, those of you who are ready to think outside of the box and do what it takes to transform your business. Have you ever thought “how can I increase my sales?” “How can I increase my profits?” These questions are totally valid and the answers are totally possible! It is possible to do this without transforming your pharmacy, your health care facility into a gift and card store or the local soda fountain store.

The answer lies in creating your specialty niche! What are your interests? What about an HIV niche, be the leader and the BEST in your community. A specialty niche will transform your career as a pharmacists as well a transform your business.

MichRxConsulting is your answer! Call me, email me, and let’s chat as I can help you on your journey to success

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