World AIDS Day December 1, 2010

World AIDS Day Wednesday December 1st, 2010
On December 1st is World AIDS Day, when we remember all those we have lost to this pandemic. Over 40 million people Worldwide have been infected with HIV/AIDS virus and over 25 million people have died.
Each one of us remember those who have touched our lives and who we have lost, and we walk in solidarity for all those who bravely fight the virus every single day!
The Global theme for World AIDS Day 20110 is Universal Access and Human Rights. We must all take heed of this theme and ensure that people around the world have access to life saving antiretroviral therapies and that one’s Human Right’s are not Violated because they are infected with HIV.
Here in the United States we too must take heed of this theme and strive to provide Universal Access to all those infected with HIV and eliminate waiting lists on ADAP programs, so NOBODY has to die waiting to get onto an ADAP program in ANY State. 4000 people on ADAP waiting lists is too many!