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10 Step Mind map - Turn Your Pharmacy Into A Referral Machine

Michelle Sherman is an accomplished speaker with the unique ability to speak to both Healthcare Providers including Pharmacists, Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Physicians assistants as well as student, patient and consumer groups.

Michelle Speaks both Nationally and Internationally on a wide variety of Pharmacy, Wellness & HIV related issues.

Topics Include:

  • Saving Lives: The Role of The Pharmacist in HIV
  • The Role of the Pharmacist in Healthcare
  • Using Social Media- How it can help you and your patients
  • How to Effectively Market your Specialty Niche- it’s not sales
  • Effective Customer Service for your Specialty Niche
  • Creating a Fine Tuned Referral Engine for your Pharmacy
  • HIV Specialty Pharmacy- Creating a Meaningful and Rewarding Career
  • Pharmacy Today- Thinking Outside the Box
  • HIV Care from the Pharmacists Point of View
  • HIV-ADAP & Part D- Everything You and Your Staff Need to Know
  • Holistic Approaches to Living with HIV
  • Drug Interactions with Natural Products and HIV Drugs
  • Drug Interactions with Street Drugs and HIV Drugs
  • Drug Interactions with Psychiatric Drugs and HIV Drugs
  • Managing Side Effects
  • Women and HIV
  • Disclosure of HIV Status
  • Medicare Part D and HIV
  • Adherence
  • HIV Resistance
  • HIV 101
  • Living Well With HIV
Do you need a Speaker for your University and Pharmacy School?

Michelle has extensive experience teaching and precepting pharmacy students, and being a mentor and getting students EXCITED about being pharmacists

Do you need a Keynote Speaker for a Conference or Association meeting?

Michelle has spoken at many major conferences and for many organizations where Continuing Education Units are provided

Do you need a Speaker for Healthcare Provider Training?

Michelle has spoken for many organizations and provided education and training on HIV and HIV related issues

For Availability and Pricing Contact us at or call us at 888-661-4403