In this episode we recap the Western Pharmacy Exchange Conference that was held April 12 through April 14 at the JW Marriott at LA Live in Los Angeles California





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Show Notes:

  • Recap of the conference
  • Who’s Who that attended
  • Extraordinary sessions on innovation and non-traditional pharmacy practice

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Hi, this is Michelle showman. You’ll conscious pharmacist bringing you today’s episode of the conscious pharmacist podcast. Today our podcast is called in the presence of excellence. I’ll be recapping the western pharmacy exchange, the Conference for the California Pharmacists Association that happened on the weekend or Friday, April 12th through Sunday, April 14th. The conference was amazing.

It was located at the JW Marriott Hotel at La live. La live for those of you not familiar with California is downtown Los Angeles. I’m right by the staple center, the home of the iconic, Los Angeles Lakers, the La Clippers and the La Kings. So it was great to have a conference, where I felt I was in the presence of excellence with the program and the great topics that were discussed and the great movement of Pharmacy, um, towards patient care. It was amazing. So the day kicked off on Friday with thriving by design, translate your career ambition to lasting success within the pharmacy profession.

This, this presentation was done by Dr. Ashlee Klevens Hayes. You might know her as Rx Ashlee from her podcast Rx Ashlee. It was, it was extraordinary. And one of the big takeaways was, what are you going to do to promote your own brand that we think of branding your big companies, big corporations with the logos and everything. But what is your brand, your own personal brand? It was, it was excellent. One of the other sessions that I attended was, um, the 2019 law update and as usual that activity did not disappoint.

This presentation was from, a representative from the California Pharmacy Board and Doctor Tony Park, who is an extraordinary, pharmacist and attorney who helps CPHA and pharmacists throughout California, with laws related to two issue. So getting this update was really important. What are the latest laws in California? One of the other sessions that I attended that was very interesting to me was the first responder pharmacist.

So many of these sessions were taking pharmacy to the next heights, next, the next level, like non traditional pharmacist roles, not the filler, the liquor, the sticker, and off you go. Pharmacists our extraordinary healthcare providers and a lot of the sessions at this event showcase that. So the first responder pharmacist was extremely interesting to me. Like what can we do as first responders coming on to the scene of an accident, someone having a heart attack.

Unfortunately in this day and age that we live in, what if there’s an active shooter? How do we as far pharmacist’s work as first responders to help with the scene, not to mention the many natural disasters that occur across our country, whether it’s a, an earthquake or hurricane, a flood, fires, all the things we see on the news every time. What can we as pharmacists, this part, what can we as pharmacists do to be a first responder and help?

So I found that really fascinating and enjoyed that immensely. Um, some of the other programs that I attended that day was one by doctor Pam Tarlow. It was called a look at nutrients in today’s patient centered shared decision making, pharmacy practice.

This was talking about functional medicine and providing supplements to our patients, which in my case with my patients is a big deal that I deal with quite frequently. And what are the best nutrients? What can we prescribe for our patients? Very important information that you provided was an excellent presentation and she was amazing. On Saturday this was the time for me to do my presentations. The way CPHA did the, the presentations last time was really quite extraordinary the way they use tech and the stage.

And it was my pleasure to speak on Saturday with Dr. Michael Daher. The topic was I got my APH now what, where we spoke about the advanced practice pharmacists license, how to get it, why it’s a necessary thing.

And we both spoke extensively about our own practices. So we had a great turnout at that, at that session and it was excellent. The next thing was, in the afternoon, which was a highlight for me, was doing my presentation for the students, which was called on purpose or the call to be a pharmacist healthcare provider. And it was an encouraging, enlightening presentation and hopefully the students enjoyed it and I can only encourage them to become HIV pharmacist or really big advocates for their patients in whatever disease state or area that they enjoy. I also had my poster on display and was happy to discuss that and show it, show it off to, to the patients. Some of the other highlights of the conference were, my friend Todd Yuri, the CEO of the Pharmacy Podcast Network, he was at the conference, recording and podcasting.

So again, it was my pleasure to be on his podcast and hopefully the episode will come out soon like recapping the, the conference. I also discussed the launch of our podcast, MichRX Consulting, the Conscious Pharmacist Podcast, which as you know, is live and it’ll be my great pleasure to also be part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network.

I enjoyed meeting colleagues, pause, presidents of the Orange County Pharmacist Association. The award ceremony was also, a very, spectacular event and I want to congratulate everybody who won awards. Orange County Pharmacist Association did that Barry Brockman, one of our past presidents, got a life member award and then I want to extend our hardy congratulations to Dr Sarah Mcbean for being awarded pharmacist of the year for the California Pharmacists Association. So the conference all in all was very well attended. We had a great time and I hope to see more pharmacists at this conference next year. Join your join the California Pharmacists Association, your local associations.

And if you’re not a pharmacist in California, I urge you to join your state associations because they go to bat for all of us every single day to fight all the challenges that we face. So this is your conscious pharmacist, Michelle Sherman. Until next time, we’ll see you next time and remember, be the change.