online trainingToday is the perfect summers day in Dana Point California so at lunch I decided to do what I love best and head down to my favorite beach down the street and take my meditation walk. It was Awesome and I was able to get back to my desk rejuvenated and ready to crank out some work.

I have been putting together some articles and videos that I want to share with you. While scanning through my coaching and consulting notes as well as emails from many of our clients I noticed a common theme, a common “Problem” if you will.

I wanted to share one story in particular with you. Our client came to us and she was at her wits end! She was excited to grow her HIV business at her pharmacy. She invested tens of thousands of dollars upgrading her software at the pharmacy and investing in hardware like the sophisticated adherence packaging equipment OnePac from Parata and other hardware systems.

She had spent all this money, her pharmacy was geared up and ready for business but she was experiencing nothing but headaches and aggravation and the business was not growing as she had hoped. One of the key problems that jumped out to our team was that fact that her most valuable asset (and no it’s not the OnePac machine) was not effective….It was her staff.

The staff in the pharmacy had not been trained to become a well oiled streamlined engine to cope with working with HIV patients and providers, she had committed One of the DEADLY MISTAKES TO AVOID WHEN BUILDING YOUR HIV PHARMACY  which is “Pharmacists and Staff are NOT Trained”

Investing in staff training for a tenth or less of the cost changed everything and catapulted her pharmacy in the direction she had dreamed of.

Watch this 6 minute video to get more insight into avoiding this mistake: