As a pharmacist and business owner you struggle to stem the continual tide and barrage of greed and power from Insurance companies and PBM’s (prescription benefit managers) and mandatory mail order mandates being forced onto your patients, all under the guise of a massive lie- “It’s cheaper and lowers healthcare costs”. Many of your patients are not coerced by this big lie, they are wise and realize that their health depends on the great relationships and care that they receive form their local pharmacist- you-! The Insurance companies and PBM’s penalize the patient, with higher copayments, and you, with lower reimbursement, dramatically shrinking the margins in your pharmacy.

How do you overcome these obstacles? How do you continue to grow your pharmacy business and make a difference in the lives of your patients? You are committed to either starting an HIV Specialty practice or expand the HIV Specialty practice that may be developing at your pharmacy.

We know what it’s like to start a business and want someone there to help with the little things along the way, someone to consult with, get advice or bounce ideas off. The encouragement and support create a confidence that gives us the mindset to succeed.

The role of the pharmacist in HIV is absolutely critical and Michelle J. Sherman and the team at MichRx Consulting is committed to expanding our Care Marketing™ vision across the United States where pharmacists are key in helping our patients that struggle and live with HIV every day of their lives.  We can help you make it happen!

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