About Maria Lopez

Maria Lopez, PharmD, is the founder and President of Mission Wellness Pharmacy and serves as a consultant for the Capacity Building Assistance Program housed within the San Francisco Department of Health. An experienced administrator, Dr. Lopez oversaw the implementation of HCV point of care testing and One Stop PrEP at Mission Wellness the first such pharmacy programs in California. Her work in community pharmacy aims to increase PrEP uptake and HIV prevention efforts in pharmacy, with a focus on at risk populations not engaged in care. Dr. Lopez’ work has been published in peer reviewed journals and she has spoken to stakeholders in healthcare on the topics of clinical pharmacy, pharmacy administration and medication pricing. She holds voluntary Professor appointments at UCSF and Touro Schools of Pharmacy.
Mission Wellness One Stop PrEP program was a model for SB159



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California Pharmacists Association PrEpping For PrEP

Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to increase knowledge, usage, and adherence to PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis), particularly for underserved populations, by their accessibility in California communities. CPhA is offering an on-demand course covering everything you need to know to be certified to administer PrEP and PEP. Plus, you receive additional resources to help implement this service in your pharmacy practice.


A major advantage to having pharmacists involved in initiating PrEP and PEP is that pharmacies are easily accessible and are located in almost all communities across California. Community pharmacists are the face of neighborhood healthcare and provide access to important health services for millions of Californians. Most importantly, providing pharmacists with the authority to initiate and furnish PrEP and PEP allows the patient to go directly to the source of where they can receive life-saving medication form their pharmacist.

What you will learn

  • About SB159
  • How Community Pharmacists can provide PrEP
  • Find out how Community Pharmacists can help end the HIV Epidemic
  • Get Trained to Implement SB159 At YourPharmacy- PrEPping For PrEP
  • Other states following California footsteps- Colorado
  • Other nations following California footsteps- UK

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