I called this week’s episode, what to binge watch over the holidays. When I was in school, one of my favorite subjects was history.

I find it fascinating to learn about history, to learn what’s going on in the past, and that is no different with HIV and the HIV epidemic where it began.






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What you will learn

  • Don’t Let History repeat itself
  • HIV movies to watch over the holidays
  • Happy Holidays

Links & Resources

Remote control and screen – binge watching the favourite TV show

The Ryan White Story

Dallas Buyers Club

The Normal Heart

And The Band Played On


Angels in America

We Were Here


Quiet Heroes

A Normal Life

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You’re listening to the pharmacy podcast network. Hi, this is Michelle Sherman, president of mish RX pharmacists consulting services and the host for the conscious pharmacist podcast. Welcome to this week’s episode. To all our listeners out there and all the listeners on the pharmacy podcast network, of which a conscious pharmacist is a proud member. Welcome to this week’s episode.

I called this week’s episode, what to binge watch over the holidays. When I was in school, one of my favorite subjects was history. I find it fascinating to learn about history, to learn what’s going on in the past, and that is no different with HIV and the HIV epidemic where it began. A lot of, you know, my story and where everything started with HIV for me. And we have come such a long way from those early days of the early eighties where people were just literally dying and nobody knew what was wrong with him to discovering the HIV virus and AZT, the first medicine that was used to, to treat the virus.

And in those days my patients head a very dismal prognosis. It was from day of diagnosis to death was the most 18 months. And over these years we have evolved to a chronic manageable disease that still has many challenges. But we have really shifted from a complete death sentence to a chronic manageable disease. And that’s what we do at mission RX consulting. And throughout going to pharmacist care program is help our patients manage not only the HIV disease but all the comorbidities and other chronic illnesses that go along with it. But my point is we have to look so closely at history because history does repeat itself. We see it going on all around us and around the world. How are we going to stop history from itself with HIV? I feel that what we’ve made so many advances and we’re looking at like getting to zero new HIV infections, we’re walking this very fine.

There’s very fine tightrope and Teeter tottering is we take a step forward with each step and I think falling off their tightrope, stepping backwards and freefalling to where we have come from is very possible if we don’t look at history and stop history from repeating itself. So I thought over the holidays is we’re all cold and toasty and with our families and looking for things to do as we’re in in this holiday season, what are we going to binge watch on Netflix, on Hulu, on Amazon prime? I thought a great thing for us to do and to binge-watch is binge and watch HIV related movies or the movies that I’m going to talk about right now. I have seen numerous times. And for those of you who are out there and listening to this, if you want a clear picture of the HIV epidemic and where we’ve come from, I strongly urge you, if you’ve never seen these movies, to watch them, if you’ve watched them before, rewatch them just to reset your mind to where we’ve come from and where we never want to go again. So the first movie before that, list the movies though in the show notes at the end of this podcast in the resources, I have got links to all these movies either on Netflix or Amazon prime. So you just need to click the links below and it’ll take you to, to the movie and you can watch it. So the first movie is the Ryan White story.

Ryan White was an extraordinary young man who got infected with HIV through a blood transfusion and he was an extraordinary activist fighting for the rights of people living with AIDS when so many people didn’t have a voice as sick as he was, he said before Congress and testified why the government needs to take notice. And start funding HIV or AIDS related services. He died in 1991 but his legacy lives on through the Ryan White care act that is funded untold federal programs around the country and his provided massive resources and access to medications for millions and millions of people in the United States living with HIV who otherwise wouldn’t access to insurance or services. And many, many, many hundreds of thousands of them may have died if not for Ryan White’s legacy through the Ryan White care act. The next movie also fantastic movie is the Dallas buyer’s club would won numerous Oscars, but that really showcases what went on in Texas before the approval of AZT and the underground clubs that form to get access to this medicine to save people’s lives.

The other movie was an HBO movie. You can access it at the bottom through Amazon prime as well, or just through your regular HBO subscription. But that’s the normal heart. Also, you know, depicting healthcare providers taking care of people living with HIV and AIDS. Another extraordinary movie from the early days is in the band played on, which really depicts the very, very beginning of the epidemic and what went on in San Francisco. His main started to get sick and started to die from this virus. The other one that’s kind of associated along the lines of what’s going, what went on in San Francisco is a new movie, a new documentary, which was also sponsored by Jensen pharmaceuticals is five B five B is a, is a movies, a documentary about the nurses and healthcare providers on ward five, be it San Francisco general hospital. These were the nurses that cared for their patients where people have no families coming to visit them.

They were completely ostracized. They ended up in ward five B and died. And this is the extraordinary story of the healthcare providers who really took care of these patients and really helped them, you know, through this. So these are just some of the movies that were extraordinary that should really be seen. Other links at the bottom here of Philadelphia, the movie with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, that that really depict how are people living with HIV and AIDS were discriminated against in their, in their work, in their jobs for discrimination, people got fired. So that really also is a movie that depicts what went on and what really, if we, if we let history repeat itself, we’re on that very slippery slope there. Tight rope, we could go backwards very easily. So as we go through the holidays, I want to wish all our listeners a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy the time with your families and doing the things you do. And if you get time and you’re looking for something to watch and you want to binge watch some movies, listen to these movies that I’ve listed here today in the podcast and in the resources below.

And it gives you some kind of impact of what the beginnings of the HIV epidemic were like. And in a place where we never want to go back to. Remember for all those healthcare providers that are out there, pharmacists out there, you can do this. Be the change.

Thanks for listening to the conscious pharmacist podcast. We hope you subscribe to our podcast so you never miss an episode. If you miss something, you can listen again or just read the transcript of the show on our website@mishrxconsulting.com forward slash podcast if you have a spare minute, don’t forget to give us a review or rating on iTunes. Remember to practice on purpose your rock star, pharmacist and healthcare provider, and in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, be the change you wish to see in the world. The conscious pharmacist podcast is a production of mish RX pharmacists consulting services, your HIV pharmacists and pharmacy experts.