Michelle Speaks at UOP Pharmacy School IPSF HIV and Multicultural Awareness Event

On April 30th I had the privilege of being invited to speak at the UOP Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences IPSF HIV and Multicultural Awareness Event. The event was attended by students and faculty and sponsored by the Flowers Heritage Foundation




Adherence Bill Passes California Health Committee

CAASSEMBLYThis past Wednesday, April 30th,  the Health Committee in the California legislature voted unanimously (19-0) passing Assembly Bill 2418 which will improve patient health and lower costs through increased patient adherence and streamlined access to Prescription refills. The bill now goes to the full Assembly Floor for a vote.

The bill allows patients to opt out of mandatory mail order programs, streamlining the refill process and allowing their trusted community pharmacy to educate them about their prescriptions and them improve adherence.
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What Social Media Platforms Are Best For Your Pharmacy?

Not all Social Media Platforms are created equal for all companies. What is best for Pharmacies?

This Infographic tells a story:
Selling Social: How Companies Are Connecting with Social Media

HIV Patients Defeat the United Healthcare Goliath to “Opt Out” of Mail Order Pharmacy

mailorderOn March 19th United Healthcare agreed to settle the class action brought by United Healthcare members with HIV/AIDS who had been forced to abandon their local trusted HIV Pharmacies and utilize United Healthcare’s mail order pharmacy, OptumRx.

HIV therapy is complex and the role of the pharmacist in helping people manage their medications is critical. Clients have built trusted relationships with their local HIV pharmacists over many years and the pharmacists play a pivotal role in helping clients remain healthy and have improved quality of life. Pharmacists work directly with clients, monitoring potentially life threatening drug-drug interactions and side effects, while working with clients and their families to navigate the increasing insurance challenges and other challenges to living with a chronic illness.
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California Leads The Way With AB 2418 Promoting Medication Adherence

AB2418 ImageIn California Pharmacists are recognized as Healthcare Providers, who play a critical role in managing our patients medications.

Poor medication adherence is rampant and the costs of non adherence are staggering $289 Billion a year. Our healthcare system can and MUST do better and the role of the pharmacist is essential in reducing this unacceptable amount.

California Assemblywoman Susan A. Bonilla has authored AB2418 promoting patient Medication Adherence and the California Pharmacists Association is a sponsor the bill.

The bill addresses some major issues important to pharmacists and patients alike:

  • Allows a patient to opt out of their health plan’s mandatory mail order program if they prefer to obtain their prescription drugs from a community pharmacy.
  • Streamlines prescription medications by placing the patient’s medications on the same refill schedule.
  • Allows patients who run out of prescription eye medications because of accidental spillage or who use more than 70% of their eye drops to be eligible for an early refill.

Support and passage of this bill is important LIVES depend on it!

Pestle Packing Sales- Taking Your Pharmacy Sales to a New Level

Pestle Packing Sales is the first and only Independent Pharmacy program that helps you grow your business. It is an 8 week online training program where you will learn a number of things including:


  1. Profitability
  2. Solutions your customers really want
  3. Be Prepared
  4. Finding Hidden Opportunities
  5. Creating content


Pestle Packing Sales is being taught by master pharmacy marketer and owner of Tacit Almonds,LLC founder publisher of Pharmacy Marketing Quarterly


To learn more about Pestle Packing Sales click the image below:

Happy customers are worth a lot more


American College of Apothecaries Accredits HIV Pharmacy Online Certification Program

The American College of Apothecaries has accredited the MichRx HIV Pharmacy Online Training Program KeytoSuccess

After working with our customers and HIV Patients for almost 25 years, our Team at MichRx Consulting have solved the problem of creating a well trained caring and compassionate staff. We have created an affordable comprehensive online training program, the MichRx HIV Pharmacy Online Certification Training Program for pharmacists, technicians and staff.

The Certification program consists of 5 modules, each one building on the next to provide comprehensive “Real Life” HIV Pharmacy Training that could be applied in your pharmacy immediately.

Check it out and Register Today!


Top 4 Reasons Why Distance Learning Should be on Your Agenda for 2014

MichRx PMQ AD PhotoYour workload is massive, your staff is busy and you want to grow you business. One of the keys to growing a successful pharmacy business is to make sure that your staff is trained and trained well. When was the last time you were able to get all your staff together in the same room at the same time to get training and learn to become a well oiled engine serving your patients? Probably never…it’s too difficult to coordinate and can be cost prohibitive.

Distance learning or Online training should be on your agenda for 2014 and here is why?

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The Master Key to Unlocking Success in Your HIV Pharmacy Business

masterkey1Finally the time has come! Over the past week and a half you have been reading my articles on the 3 major keys to success in your HIV Pharmacy Business. Just to recap the keys for you:

Key #1- Trained Staff

Remember your staff is the engine to your business and gateway to success in your HIV Specialty

Key#2- SPEED

How do you get all your staff trained effectively, efficiently and affordable? Online Training will do it.


Increase the compassion factor of your Team

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The 3rd Key to Success in Your HIV Pharmacy Business

care &ComassionsNow that you are aware of the importance of training your staff and that you can achieve this goal quickly, efficiently and affordably, through online training, key number 3 comes into action.
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