Cascade of Bills Out of Appropriations; Many Due for Floor Votes This Week

by David Gorn, California Healthline, Monday, August 18, 2014 The Assembly and Senate appropriations committees last week approved hundreds of bills for floor votes, including dozens of health-related ones. The Senate side started with 306 bills on suspense; the Assembly had 153 bills to consider. “[These bills] proposed several hundred billion dollars in spending. We…

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Medicare Fraud Affects Us All


It’s nothing new to see doctors and pharmacies cook up elaborate schemes to commit Medicare, Medicaid and ADAP fraud. These unscrupulous, illegal behaviors ultimately affect us all by causing increased healthcare costs, draining programs of critical funds that must be used sparingly to spread the ability to provide good care across their member pool.

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Deadly Mistakes To Avoid In Your Pharmacy- Mistake #2 Pharmacists & Staff Not Trained

online training

Today is the perfect summers day in Dana Point California so at lunch I decided to do what I love best and head down to my favorite beach down the street and take my meditation walk. It was Awesome and I was able to get back to my desk rejuvenated and ready to crank out…

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New Access to HIV Care, New Difficulties in Affordability

by Heather Mack, California Healthline Contributing Reporter, California Healthline, Monday, July 28, 2014 Health care experts were counting on the Affordable Care Act to pave the way toward better treatment for Californians with HIV/AIDS. But so far, advocates and health officials say the new path is anything but smooth. Although the ACA opened up insurance…

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How Should California Officials Deal With ‘Specialty Tier’ Pricing of Drugs?

, California Healthline, Thursday, May 22, 2014 Prices for some prescription drugs have fallen in recent years, but those for some specialty drugs — including drugs used to treat cancer, arthritis, hepatitis C and multiple sclerosis — have risen significantly, according to a new report from the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. Americans spent more than $329…

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Opening Session From AIDS 2014 Melbourne Australia

AIDS 2014 in Melbourne Australia has been in full swing for 2 days and is headed towards day 3. Since many could not be at the conference and the Melbourne Declaration States: Nobody Left Behind, we have decided to share some of the conference with you. Here is the Opening Session of AIDS 2014

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The International AIDS Conference Impacted by Malaysian MH17 Disaster


Malaysian airlines MH17 that was senselessly blown out of the sky in Ukraine en route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam had about 100 passengers on board who were headed to the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. Among those on board were Dr Joep Lange former president of the International AIDS Society and Glenn Thomas from…

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All Roads Lead To Rome…Or Do They?


Recently I was driving up to Los Angeles, Hollywood to be specific. For those of you familiar with Southern California traffic you know that when preparing to go places you manage your time to get there not by how far you are going but by how long it’s going to take you to get there.…

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Health Insurance Companies Press Pharma on Drug Prices


Health insurance companies are now holding the “feet” of the drug companies to the fire, by refusing to cover their drugs unless they slow the rise in drug prices especially the prices of Specialty Drugs Spending on specialty drugs rose 14.1% in 2013 and according to Express Scripts was not due to new drugs or…

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CPhA’s Med Adherence Bill Passes Assembly


The California Assembly voted overwhelmingly in a 67-1 vote to pass CPhA’s Medication Adherence Bill AB2418 The bill now moves on to the Senate for additional hearings. This is great news for patients in California and patient choice especially those managing chronic illnesses and who rely on ongoing prescription medications and that the California Assembly…

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