In this episode you will learn the importance of advocacy, Standing up and delivering and if you are a pharmacist in California this is your challenge and rally cry to Walk The Walk on June 26th





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What You Will Learn:

  • Why you must Walk the walk
  • Come to Advocacy Day in Sacramento June 26th
  • Walk the halls of California Capitol
  • Tell the legislators what’s REALLY going on with NADAC and Medi-Cal Clawbacks

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Our podcast this week is walk the walk and this is a challenge, a war cry and a rally to all you pharmacists in California. A few weeks ago, the topic of our podcast was stand up and deliver. And I spoke about the importance of getting involved, letting our voices be heard so we can get changes to our profession that help pharmacy, that help our patients and help the patient outcomes by joining our local associations or state associations and national associations. So this is, uh, this is a challenge to all the pharmacists in California. We are being ravaged by these NADAC clawbacks, which thank goodness had been put on a hold for now until the court case at the end of August. But we’re getting reimbursed every single day on this ludicrous NADAC pricing that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

For our HIV prescriptions. We’re getting negative margins on every single prescription, so essentially we have to pay the wholesalers and pay medical to fill prescriptions for our patients. This is not a sustainable business model. It’s just ludicrous. Nobody’s asking for something outrageous or to make money or anything. We just want fair reimbursement for our efforts. As pharmacists, we have this opportunity, pharmacists and I plead with you this coming Wednesday, June 26th the California Pharmacists Association and the California is for access to lifesaving medicines is having an advocacy day. We are going to be right there in Sacramento walking the sh those steps in the halls of the state capital, meeting with legislators and telling them what’s going on with the clawback and with this NADAC pricing and let them right here, right out of our mouths. Just how inane and egregious this rule is and how catastrophic it’ll be to businesses in California, pharmacies and pharmacists across California wether you’re a pharmacy owner or just a pharmacist working a pharmacy, a chain or anything. It affects every single one of us because if all these pharmacies close their doors, because Medical is taking all the money back and we’re unable to keep the doors open, pharmacists you can lose your job is too, so this is an issue that affects every single one of us. And on Wednesday, June 26th, we have this opportunity. If you live in northern California, pop in your car and come to Sacramento. If you live in southern California like I do, I’m flying out of San Diego at six o’clock in the morning on, on Wednesday to fly to Sacramento for a few hundred bucks. You can get an airline ticket. And of course it is worth it. What is a few hundred bucks to save a profession and to save our pharmacies and most of all to save our patients’ lives.

So I urge you, come to Sacramento on Wednesday and walk the walk. You have no place to whine about these reimbursement rates and these clawbacks if you don’t stand up and deliver and do something about it. So come join us at the Advocacy Day. At the bottom of this transcript is the CPHA link to register. It’s free. The agenda’s starts at 8:30 in the morning. It’s going to be at the Sheridan Grand Hotel on Jay Street in Sacramento, which is just a couple of blocks from the capital. Assembly man, Jim Wood is going to speak to our group. We’re going to prepare for the lobbying activities and then meet at Capitol Park where there’s going to be a press conference and then meet with the legislators at the capital. Come on, California pharmacists. We can do better. Don’t leave it up to CPHA the few pharmacists stumping the pavement for you. This is something that affects every single one of us. It affects every single patient and it actually affects the lives of every single Californian. And we need to stop this and we need to let our voices be heard. So I urge you, come to Sacramento on Wednesday and join. Join us in this advocacy day. Until next time, remember be the change.