In this first episode of the Conscious Pharmacist Podcast, your host Michelle J Sherman, RPh,APh,FASCP,FACA,AAHIVP Conscious Pharmacist, author, speaker and patient advocate introduces you to The Conscious Pharmacist Podcast.




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Show Notes:

  • About Conscious Pharmacist Podcast.
  • What’s coming in future episodes.

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Welcome to episode, one of the conscious pharmacist podcast. I am Michelle Sherman, president of MichRx pharmacists consulting services and I am your conscious pharmacist. At MichRX we are laser focused on HIV care in the pharmacy and clinic settings as well as from the HIV patient and care giver perspective. My philosophy and body of work over the past three decades has evolved into the conscious pharmacist in order to be the best pharmacist for my patients and the best advisor for my clients. It is critical to be conscious and practice on purpose every single day.

As a healthcare provider, you must dig deep within yourself and look into your soul is to your why. Why do you work? Do the work you do, what makes you get up each morning and keep going back each day. These are questions we must all answer to be able to practice on purpose and be conscious in our care delivery and our businesses.

The Conscious Pharmacist’s Podcast will delve into these issues as well as the issues affecting pharmacy today and what opportunities do we have in pharmacy today? Never before in pharmacy have I seen such massive opportunities for us to seize the day and be the extraordinary healthcare providers that we are.

I see the shift in healthcare just as epic. We must strive to be the best providers for our patients and we can make a difference in their care every day we can and we must expand our consciousness and grab our surfboards to ride the tsunami waves of change in our healthcare continuum with grace, elegance and consciousness.

The conscious pharmacist will focus on specialty pharmacy with an emphasis on HIV care and all the related comorbidities. So how do we take care of our patients and make their lives better? Mich RX pharmacists services is a health care training company providing advanced pharmacy practice, medication therapy management and chronic care management through our clinical program the Ubuntu Pharmacists Care Program that has been developed over 30 years of taking care of people living with HIV. We will talk more about Ubuntu and what it means in one of our upcoming episodes, so stay tuned for more.

Our focused at Michelle rakes. Pharmacists consulting services is threefold. We focus on how Ubuntu pharmacists care program and expanding that and making patients lives better. The Ubuntu Care Academy, which is an online learning program, we will provide online programs for pharmacists, technicians, and healthcare providers to better serve your patients and serve them in a conscious manner. And then speaking programs. I’m an expert speaker and author and speaker at many conferences and business meetings across the country and have spoken internationally as well. One of the things I want to do with the conscious pharmacist podcast is also provide bite sized episodes for you.

I don’t want to sit here and ramble on for hours and hours on end. I want to provide you excellent information in bite size forms so that you can just listen and move on with your day. I know how busy you are and you don’t have time to just listen to these expanded episodes, so I invite you to subscribe to the conscious pharmacist podcast and welcome any comments, thoughts, and insights that you may have. We’ll see you on the next episode and live consciously and in health.